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a cake shaped like a heart with a teddy bear in the shape of a heart
Mocha Cinnamoroll vintage cake
#sanrio #vintagecake #coquette
cinnamoroll’s friend mocha plush from Sanrio 2001 “Cinnamoroll 10th Anniversary Tsuttette” ♡ Mocha Plush, Cinnamoroll Friends, Peluche Hello Kitty, Cute Plush, Cute Toys
cinnamoroll mocha (ㅅ´ ˘ `) ♡⟡˙⋆
a white stuffed animal with a brown teddy bear on top of it's head
♡ mii ♡
mii ♡
an image of a hello kitty with pink bow
͏ ♡͏ ◞ ྀི◟ ͜ ◞ ྀི◟ ͜ ◞ ྀི◟♡