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someones i pretend to myself that i have insomnia when what i really have is a good book and inadequate respect for tomorrow
Funny Confession Memes & Ecards | Someecards
Sometimes I pretend to myself that I have insomnia. When what I really have is a good book and inadequate respect for tomorrow.
an old poem written in black ink on white paper
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Like a submarine and the sea...
the back of a woman's neck with harry potter quote on it and birds flying around
divergent fandom (@DivergentFandom) on X
Hungergames divergent harry potter and percy jackson. OHHHHHHHHHH I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!! @Lexi Pixel Garriott Duarte-Massey Allen
a poster with the words, there is work to be done but all i want to do
All I Want To Do Is Read
I love it and hate it when there is a great book that takes up all your time.
a yellow poster with some words on it
John Green's The Fault in Our Stars quote "oblivion is inevitable"
a quote with stars on it that says, sometimes you read a book and it tells you
Inspiration | 6 Wise And Beautiful Quotes From YA Literature
John Green, Fault In Our Stars quote
a red piece of paper with the words you are so busy being yourself that you have no idea how it's unpredictabled you are
the fault in our stars quotes on Tumblr
the fault in our stars quotes | Tumblr think I need to add this book to my summer reading
some infinities are bigger than 8 other infinites john green quote on white background
Risa Rodil
risarodil: The Fault In Our Stars Quotes