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#silhouette, #Naruto Shippuuden, #power lines, #ANBU, #anime, #utility pole, #Uchiha Itachi, #Moon, wallpaper
Rare Gallery wallpaper
#silhouette, #Naruto Shippuuden, #power lines, #ANBU, #anime, #utility pole, #Uchiha Itachi, #Moon, wallpaper
a person with a hat on their head
For fun hehe
anime memes with the caption that says, some legends are told to them
a man walking down a street next to a brick wall with an anime quote on it
It’s stupid to talk about things you’re not,be yourself and you’ll be fine.
the many faces of naruta from naruta anime memes, funny pictures,
four different avatars with captioning that says, this guy can turn almost every enemy into a friend
The best thing about naruto #anime #animelover #otaku #manga #love
two pictures of a man with blood on his face
"There won't be next time" - Itachi
some anime characters with different expressions on their faces and the caption says, no one is ever born evil
an image of some anime characters with different expressions on their faces and hair, in black and white
“You could’ve justifiably come charging at me with hatred, but you never stopped calling me your friend…. even though I tried to sever those feelings myself. You stopped me as a friend, even at the cost of your arm. And I was saved thanks to you.”
an orange and white design on the side of a metal surface with claws sticking out of it - Domain Name For Sale |
four different avatars with the same caption that says because they are not friends
several anime characters are standing together in a line with their heads tilted to the side
All About Anime |
I miss this show so much. I know there are still episodes but they're so bad and its just dragging on a otherwise great show. They should have ended it where the Manga ended.
an image of anime characters in different poses
Day 20 Character that gets on your nerves: Sasuke Uchiha. I have never liked him, and as the show went on I only got more and more reasons. I don't understand all the love he gets. Everybody defends him because of his past, but plenty of characters have had horrible things happen and not walked away a total arrogant jerk. His change of heart at the end felt completely forced for the narrative's sake.
an anime family standing next to each other
FANDOM 5 coisas que aprendi com Naruto!
Olha passei muito tempo de minha vida assistindo e lendo diversas coisas. Naruto foi uma delas. Sabe quando você liquida uma temporada em...