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the instructions for how to cut bamboo strips with scissors and other items in front of them
DIY Sushi Mat Brush Organizer DIY Projects. So genius now all that loose make up has some place to go besides the other brushes. But other things can get on them too.
three different types of sticks are arranged in the shape of sunbursts
45 Beautiful DIY Wall Art Ideas For Your Home
45 Smart Creative and Beautiful DIY Wall Art Ideas For Your Home | Find more great pins at
four different pictures showing the process of making decorative paper with crayons and colored pencils
Transferring Ink to Candles
Personalize candles. A Girl in paradise You will need some regular paper, tissue paper, tape, sharpies or markers, a candle, wax paper, and a heat gun. In a second method she prints on Tissue paper fully taped to sheet of paper and put in inkjet printer. She uses a heat gun to transfer patterns. Great for kids art work for Grandma or a wedding candle.
a white butterfly mobile hanging from the ceiling with a bow on it's head
20 DIY Home Decor Ideas Using Decorative Paper
How beautiful for the nursery - butterfly chandelier
a white and blue wreath with snowflakes on it
The Cure For The Post Christmas Blues
A little inexpensive white tulle and some Dollar Tree glittery snowflakes and... Voila! Winter wreath! - Click image to find more DIY
the process of making gold leaf bowls is shown in several different pictures, including one being made
30 Best Creative Plastic Spoon Projects - Craftionary
Hate the gold but with shabby chic colors it would be adorable.
a colorful christmas tree is surrounded by other ornaments and decorating items in pink, blue, and green colors
Christmas Home Glamour Style
Pastel Tulle Christmas Tree
there are many balls on the branches of this tree
DIY Pom-Pom Tree
Make It: Pom-Pom Tree - Use a hot glue gun to attach pom poms to twigs and branches, put branches in vase and hey presto! Very simple but effective home project.
a white top with floral print on the front and side, hanging on a hanger
White Short Sleeve Contrast Floral Chiffon Blouse
Love this idea.
a stack of books sitting on top of a table next to a vase filled with flowers
Stack books to make a low surface for display.
a black and white striped pillow with a heart cut out of the side on it
DIY Instagram Photo Wall Display
scissors, markers, and other items are sitting on a wooden surface next to a cup
31 Easy & Clever DIY Crafts and Project Ideas | Save On Crafts - DIY Projects & Creative Crafts – How To Make Everything Homemade