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several hands holding each other in the middle of a circle with their fingers extended up
Wylie Beckert: Illustration + Fine art
Wylie Beckert: Playing Card Illustration + Fine Art
two white art pieces sitting on top of a hard wood floor
Still Shapes — figure form
a chair sitting on top of a blue rug next to a white and black wall
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several different shapes and sizes of wood on the same piece of art that appears to be made out of concrete
Matteo Brioni
an orange piece of art that is on a white wall and has been made out of plastic
Jose Margulis - Pinched Orange
For Sale on 1stDibs - Pinched Orange, Plexiglass by Jose Margulis. Offered by Contempop Gallery.
an art piece made out of white strips on a wall with no one in it
‘Pulse’ series
an abstract painting with various shapes and sizes in white, orange, grey and pink
Scott Albrecht - "A SILENT SOUND", Abstract Wood and Paint Sculpture, Pastel, Graphic Collage
an abstract painting with red, blue and pink shapes in a wooden frame on a white wall
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