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a hand holding a wooden sign that says distance means little when someone wants so much
Long Distance Relationship 'distance Means so Little When Someone Means so Much' Keepsake Card - Etsy
a card that says here's a little encourage print on it
Encouragement Card Pun Card Get Well Card Encourage-mint by Fresh Card Co - Etsy
Funny Sympathy Card | Funny Get Well Card ~ A Little Encourage-Mint!
a card that says ghost hug you can't tell it, but it's there
Wedding Anniversary Invitations & Invitation Templates | Zazzle
Halloween Ghost Hug Greeting Card Cute! Card #halloween #invitations
a card with an image of a bear saying, this card is a big bear hug
Sympathy Card Empathy Card Encouragement Card Bear Hug | Etsy
Sympathy Card - Empathy Card - Encouragement Card - Bear Hug by Fresh Card Co
a swing with a box on it saying thanks for being with me during my ups and downs
Funny Pun: Playground Swing - Thank you for journeying with me…♥️ - - -... - milkyprint #funnypics #funnypictures #pun #funny #humor #humorous #humorquotes #funny #cute #cheesy #cleverpun #funnypun #halarious