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an old castle with flags flying in the air above it and a flag on top
castle evolution, Alexey Astankov
an old map of the harlech castle
historical castle plans
an unusual house in the woods with trees and rocks on it's sides, surrounded by greenery
12 Unconventional Homes Inspired by Nature
Mushroom House Mushroom House This mushroom-shaped New York abode was actually inspired by Queen Anne’s lace. The five interconnected pods define distinct private and common areas. Texturized walls create a cavelike effect indoors, while a bevy of large windows provides a visual gateway to the woods beyond.
an artistically designed building in the middle of a city with people walking around it
32 solar 'trees' form shanghai marketplace designed by koichi takada architects
an artist's rendering of the exterior of a building with trees growing on it
koichi takada architects builds 'norfolk' as an arrangement of overlapping undulating slabs
a curved building with glass walls next to a body of water
2022 A' design award and competition is open for submissions!
an unusual house built on top of a cliff in the snow with stairs leading up to it
LEAD tops YEZO retreat with massive wooden roof shell in japan
an architectural drawing of a circular building with two levels and three floors, the top floor is
Jessica_3d: I will create 3d floor plan quick and beautiful for $25 on
Thanks for your interest in me.Our motto is: FAST, QUALITY AND EFFICIENCYWe will make fastest and best 2D AND 3D FLOOR PLAN for you from jpg, sketch, autocad and even basic hand drawn drawings is enough for me. EtcCreate 3d floor plans for big , small and medium projects such as high-rise buildings, restaurants, hotels, houses, apartments ...etcThe 3d floor plan only includes walls, floors, doorsThe 3d floor plan only includes walls, floors, doors and furniture.The 3d floor p