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a man in glasses leaning against a wall
Donny on Twitter
a young man and woman laying in bed with a large pillow on top of them
two young men sitting on a couch making the vulcan sign with their hands in front of them
Celebrities, Fangirl, Human, Actors, My Crush, Cute Memes
a young man in a black hoodie taking a selfie
a man sitting down with a blue ribbon in his mouth
When you wish you're the lanyard hahahaha
a young man standing in front of a graffiti wall
Sakin kanalang tumingin ha? I wuv youu
a young man holding a white hat in front of a group of people at a party
two people sitting at a table with their hands on their faces and one holding his head
Donny Pangilinan and Kisses Delavin
a young man brushing his teeth in front of a metal wall with the words all good written on it
a young man wearing a purple shirt is looking at the camera
a young man standing in an open doorway
Lean on me and i will never let you fall
a young man leaning against a blue wall with his hands in his pockets and looking at the camera