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Mailman Sending Love GIF - Mailman Sending Love - Discover & Share GIFs
Mailman Sending Love GIF - Mailman SendingLove - Discover & Share GIFs
Tell your friends you care with the help of shy ghost friend! I should talk to my friends more often.
a cartoon character with a speech bubble saying i'm fine not like amazing or anything, but not dying so that's good
And a bonus drawing:
Sleep-deprived, but still cute.✨So halfway there! 😆 Instagram | Patreon | Webtoon
a cartoon cactus with the words, are you doing okay? i know life can be tough but i'm here for you no matter what
This bunny cactus is a big supporter of you! It cares and wants you to know you’re not alone. ❤️ Pre-order Loading Penguin Hugs | Instagram | Patreon
a cartoon character with the caption learn to forget yourself, for your mists, your failures, your dark moments
We’ve all made mistakes, and had failures we just can’t forget, and done things that really aren’t the best. Don’t let these constantly drag you down and burden you. It’s really important to forgive yourself for your past and move forward a little stronger and a little wiser.
a drawing of a girl with the words, some days nothing will feel right just let it
If this was your day, no worries. Start anew tomorrow ❤️ #chibird
a cartoon with the words, please don't bleme yourself for things you couldn't control sometimes it's just not your fault
It’s good to take responsibility for things you can control about yourself, but sometimes you also need to accept when things really were out of your control and blaming yourself is more harmful! Webtoon | Patreon | Instagram
a drawing of a balloon with the words, you deserves to be happy for you
I wish I had a helium pump so I could fill up balloons all the time, because I just really love balloons. >u
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