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an article about the history of skateboards
A lot of people already condemn and calling this teacher a bitch/monster on the comment/reblog, not knowing the whole story. it was actually the TEACHER who drew the beautiful art on the blackboard, and the teacher is a HE, he's an accomplished artist who was trying to teach his students about the beauty of art and however changing it is. He will draw any arts by request from his students, the students will take some pictures, and then he erases it from the board, and make new ones. He's not a monster. He's actually trying to spark the students' interest in art. Funny how - iFunny
a large green dragon statue on the side of a building in a city at night
Phone wallpaper – Dragon Ball
Geishas, Geisha Anime, Pop Illustration, Geisha Art, Japanese Drawings, First Prize, Japanese Culture
Oiran by Rgveta on DeviantArt
an anime character with long hair wearing a white shirt and brown skirt, standing in front of flowers
烏頭目🦃依頼受け付け中 (@UZUME_U) on X