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Lee Soo Hyuk for L'officiel Hommes
a man in a sweater with palm trees on it is leaning against a window sill
Lee Soo Hyuk for L'officiel Hommes
a young man is standing in front of mannequins and looking at the camera
a young man sitting at a desk with his hands on his knees and looking off to the side
a man pouring water into a glass container
a man in a suit and tie reading a piece of paper with his eyes closed
Lee Soo-Hyuk
a man in a white suit with gold trimmings on his jacket and pants
kath on Twitter
Empire, 3d, Asian, Bae
the young man is dressed in traditional chinese clothing and looks into the distance with his eyes closed
a man in a white suit and red tie standing next to a microphone with his hand on his hip
a man sitting in the back seat of a car wearing a white turtle neck sweater